al-Balagh : Jurnal Dakwah dan Komunikasi

Al-Balagh: Jurnal Dakwah dan Komunikasi is academic scientific publication that provides scientific articles about thought discussions and empirical researches in Islamic proselytizing and communication. It focuses on Islamic proselytizing dynamicity, communication and contemporary media development in theoretical and practical fields, in local scope, Indonesia, or global.

The journal was previously named Naadya: Journal of Islamic proselytizing and communication published in printed version. Since 2016, it has been transformed into al-Balagh: Jurnal Dakwah dan Komunikasi. al-Balagh is published twice in a year, in January-June and July-December in online and printing version, managed by Open Journal system of the Faculty of Ushuluddin and Dakwah IAIN Surakarta.

Mailing Address

Faculty of Ushuluddin and Dakwah (FUD), State Institute for Islamic Studies (IAIN) Surakarta. Jl. Pandawa No. 1, Pucangan, Kartasura, Central Java, Indonesia, 57168

Phone: +62271-781516, Fax: +62271-782774. e-mail:


ISSN: 2527-5704 (P) ISSN: 2527-5682 (E)